Every participant in the CITY CYCLING campaign should use their bicycle as often as possible for professional and private purposes. The special CYCLE STARS category offers the opportunity to go one step further: CYCLE STARS are not allowed to set foot in a car during the entire 21-day CITY CYCLING campaign period. Particularly members of local parliaments and other public figures (e.g. (lord) mayors, town councillors, heads of public authorities, etc.) are invited to become CYCLE STARS and to act as ambassadors for the campaign in their municipality.

CYCLE STARS in the media spotlight

Where possible, local and/or national media partners should follow the CYCLE STARS’ progress during the campaign so that they can provide regular updates on television, on the radio and/or in newspaper reports during the 21 car-free days. If a CYCLE STAR has a (company) car, this should be symbolically “stored” in a media-effective manner – for example, by parking it in front of the town hall or another public space, covering it, and surrendering their car keys to the (lord) mayor/district councillor in a sealed envelope.

CYCLE STARS moreover commit to provide a statement and image for publication on the municipality’s campaign subpage at the start of the campaign and to personally write about their experiences as a (new) daily cyclist in the CITY CYCLING blog at least at the end of each campaign week. This can take the form of texts, images or video clips. The aim is to show others that life without a car is indeed possible and to encourage reflection on one’s own mobility behaviour. The final (and at least third) blog entry must be added at the latest by the end of the deadline for entering kilometres.