Registration for CITY CYCLING 2024

Find out everything you need to know to register your municipality (town, city, rural district, region) for CITY CYCLING – what the requirements are, for example, and whether your participation fee is subsidised.

Please note: Especially in the first few weeks, we receive hundreds of registrations from municipalities, all of which we must check. We therefore ask for your understanding that it may take some time for us to activate your municipality at the start. You’ll automatically receive email confirmation from us as soon as we’ve activated your municipality. Until then, please refrain from enquiring about the processing status of your registration.

Cyclists can only register for their municipality once it has been activated. Please take this into account in your communication (also with the press) and, in case of doubt, wait until we have activated your account to announce your participation in the CITY CYCLING campaign.

Terms of participation for municipalities in 2024

Municipalities must pay the participation fees listed below, however many federal states subsidise these (proportionately). The fees are based on the number of inhabitants and whether the municipality is a member of Climate Alliance*. Participation is free in the municipalities for teams and cyclists. Climate Alliance provides the following services:

* A signed application to become a member of Climate Alliance should be submitted at the time of registration. Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to become a member of Climate Alliance and participate in CITY CYCLING.


The registration is binding for municipalities. If a registration is subsequently cancelled, the full/flat-rate participation fee is payable by the registering municipality, regardless of whether any subsidies are available from state ministries!

The RiDE data obtained from the CITY CYCLING app is not included in the participation fees. However, thanks to funding that is available from 2022 to 2024, this data is mostly available for free to municipalities in Germany participating in CITY CYCLING (see below).

Participation fees in 2024
for German cities, municipalities and rural districts/regions

Incl. VAT
The fees include the taxes payable in Germany and may therefore vary in other countries.

The RiDE data obtained from the CITY CYCLING app is not included in the participation fees.

Participation of rural districts/regions and their associated towns/communities

When a rural district/region participates in CITY CYCLING, they are able to request that (individual or all) towns/communities are listed separately. In addition to the rural district/region, these towns/communities will then also be allocated their own subpage on the campaign website to use as desired. They will moreover be listed in all results overviews (and so have the opportunity to win prizes), etc. An additional nominal flat-rate fee will apply per town/community in this case. This means that the standard participation fee will apply for the rural district/region and the town/community will then only need to pay the additional flat-rate fee (please see the table of participation fees above for details).

Definition of a ‘region’
An elected municipal parliament as well as the status as a “politically-independent community” are decisive for a region to also be considered in the Most active municipal parliament category, e.g. the region of Hanover (and therefore all those able to be ordinary members of Climate Alliance). The same applies for municipal associations and similar alliances.

Condition for the flat-rate fee
The CITY CYCLING campaign must take place in the rural district/region and associated town/community at the same time.
Rural districts/regions are able to register towns/communities at a later date even if they have already been activated (only possible via the CITY CYCLING local coordinator’s user account). Only the flat-rate fee will be payable! An overall invoice will then be prepared for the rural district/region.

(Discounted) participation for municipalities worldwide!

Municipalities outside of Germany are also able to take part in CITY CYCLING. All of the conditions and rules of participation are the same; the only difference is that a discount of 20% applies on the participation fee if German is not one of the official languages in the country and it is not possible to use all of the resources provided as a consequence. Why not encourage your partner cities abroad to also participate or organise the competition beyond national borders.