What can be won?

Helping to create a liveable environment!

Because choosing to cycle rather than travel by car means that CO2 emissions are avoided, the first winners are of course the environment and climate, along with all of those living in the municipalities where there will be less traffic, fewer emissions and far less noise!

And if this is not incentive enough, then perhaps the many fantastic prizes kindly provided by our national supporters Ortlieb, ABUS, Stadthelm, TERN, Busch + Müller, Paul Lange & Co., WSM and Schwalbe will help convince you!

The CITY CYCLING award ceremony during the final event in Berlin.

Prize categories

As a municipal network, Climate Alliance awards prizes in two categories within each of the five population groups (according to the number of inhabitants):


1. Most active local parliaments

Kilometres per parliamentarian in proportion to the total participating parliamentarians

2. Most active municipalities with the most kilometres cycled

Absolute figures

The best newcomer municipalities in the three population groups with the most newcomer municipalities will also be honoured.

In the special CYCLE STAR category, prizes are raffled off among all of the CYCLE STARS.

And here are the prizes …

CITY CYCLING bicycle bags
from Ortlieb

Bicycle locks
from ABUS

Stadthelm bicycle helmets
from ABUS


e-motion - Die e-Bike Experten

Bicycle lights
from Busch + Müller

Bicycle tyres and air pressure gauge set
from Schwalbe

Bicycle parking systems
from WSM

Helmet bags
from Hirnschmalz

Mini-tool and air pump
from Paul Lange & Co.