Your shortcut to the CITY CYCLING campaign

Smarter on the road with the CITY CYCLING app. You simply track your routes via GPS and the kilometres are credited to your team and your municipality. In the results overview you can quickly check who in your team is cycling how much and how you compare to other teams. In the team chat you and your team members can arrange joint tours or cheer each other on.

By the way: By using the app, you can also improve the cycling infrastructure in your local area!

The app is available in English, French and German.

If you don’t have a Google account, you can also download the Android version of the app as an APK file.

Download the CITY CYCLING app:

Help to improve your local cycling infrastructure!

Collect kilometres

Use the CITY CYCLING app
to collect kilometres
when you cycle.

Analysis by CITY CYCLING

We analyse the routes cycled
and make our findings available
to your municipality in the RiDE portal.

Improved cycling infrastructure

Your municipality enhances
the infrastructure for cyclists based
on our analyses.

The app as a planning tool

Where are there often a lot of cyclists on the road? Where do things go smoothly and where do cyclists continuously have to stop and wait at red lights? Where and why are certain routes avoided and other preferred? The routes recorded using the CITY CYCLING app provide answers to just the questions that are crucial to cycling planning. They form the data basis and are analysed scientifically (in a completely anonymised format!) by the Technical University in Dresden, with the findings presented in heat maps, speed data and other traffic planning use cases. The data for your municipality is then made available in the RiDE portal for transport planning purposes – thanks to a grant from the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport, even entirely for free.

The more journeys that are tracked, the more meaningful the data basis is and the better your municipality can take the actual needs of cyclists into account when expanding the local cycling infrastructure. Use the CITY CYCLING app, tell your friends about it and help to promote cycling in your local area!

For more information on RiDE, see

The CITY CYCLING app offers yet another effective tool for further development of the cycling infrastructure. Use the RADar! reporting platform to alert the local authorities directly of problematic and dangerous places along cycle routes: simply drop a pin on the road map and explain the issue and your municipality will be informed immediately.

Your data is safe

The collection and processing of data is in compliance with EU data protection standards. The data collected in the MOVEBIS research project is anonymised prior to the scientific evaluation and is used exclusively as non-personal factual data in the results.

Detailed information on the subject of data protection can be found here.

In addition to the app, it is of course still possible to enter the kilometres online.